On a visit to Richmond, Virginia in 1978, the Lord spoke to Randy Gilbert and asked a simple question: “Would you be willing to come here and minister to these people?” Randy (who was just finishing Bible school at Rhema Bible Training College) responded by saying, “Yes.” That began the process of God giving Randy and his wife Cherie a vision of how He wanted them to build a church in Richmond and establish the Kingdom of God.

The first meeting place for FLM was an old tobacco warehouse in Church Hill rented for only $1 each month. Easter Sunday (April 6, 1980) marked the very first service of Faith Landmarks Ministries (FLM) (though at this time, the church had no name). There were 13 people in attendance, and the church met there for two months. By the end of two months, the congregation had grown to 20 members, and FLM moved to Holiday Inn North on Route 1. It was here that FLM’s children’s ministry and bookstore were started. In May of 1980, Pastor Randy quit his secular occupation and went into the full-time ministry.

While FLM was still meeting on Route 1, Pastor Randy began a television ministry called The Masters Voice on Channel 32. At the time, Channel 32 was a Christian station, and Pastor Randy yielded to the Spirit of God to assist in building the station’s reach (a prophetic move towards the current Contact TV ministry). FLM was one of the first churches with a broadcast in the Richmond area.

After that, FLM moved to a storefront at 1128 N. Boulevard. The nursery and Food Pantry (now called the Storehouse) were started there. FLM also launched a satellite ministry in order to introduce guest speakers and build the congregation.

In May of 1983, FLM moved into what felt like a “home” for many years, at on 6000-B West Broad Street. FLM started with one store-front building for services. However, it wasn’t long before growth filled that space, and the church was expanded to two other buildings to house the Youth and Royal Ranger ministries. The sanctuary space was doubled by taking over another adjacent store. The FLM staff had a great demand placed on it with increased membership, and they grew from one to four people! The church also founded the school, Victory Christian Academy in 1985, with a starting staff of five people.

With the leading of the Spirit of God, FLM began its first giving campaign entitled, “Building the Kingdom” to acquire property and build FLM’s first facility (now known as the West Wing). FLM moved forward with this new vision and giving campaign with a membership base of only 900 people! On February 25, 1989, FLM moved to its permanent location at 8491 Chamberlayne Road. The land consisted of 100+ acres of property for future growth. In the fall of 1989, Faith Landmarks Bible Institute was founded with 120 students.

As the years went on, FLM continued to grow and minister in various ways. The outreach ministries of the church were enhanced with churches, bible schools, orphanages, and places of ministry being established across the globe. The overseas outreaches include countries such as: Russia, India, Jamaica, Africa, Kenya, England, Costa Rica, Suriname, and more!

In 2000, FLM completed the new sanctuary that is now used for all adult worship services.

In 2008, FLM completed construction of a separate building for our youth ministries, completely outfitted with a full commercial kitchen, auditorium, gymnasium and classrooms.

Our desire is to fulfill the vision God has given us and to never stop moving forward and growing in Christ Jesus.