Time To Testify

Now Is The Time To Share!

Have you ever gone through something and feel that you are the only one experiencing your situation? Then you hear a testimony from someone that went through the same or similar situation and find relief in knowing you’re not the only one. 

Well, your testimony could be the push God want to use to get others through similar situations, good or bad. Maybe you are a student pursuing an education or already received your diploma and want to share about the goodness of God. Or you’ve been healed from a disease that people thought was incurable. Or maybe you were on drugs or an alcoholic and God delivered you from it all. 

Now is the time to praise God for His goodness, to motivate others to keep their focus on God. 

We want to hear from you!

Testimony recordings are done after service on the 2nd Wednesday of the month. (The date can change due to church events, but it is generally done the same Wednesday as the Worker of the Month celebration.)